Why Do Gaming Laptop Batteries Drain Fast?

Gaming laptops are a great option for anyone who needs the portability of regular laptops but also wants to play games on them regularly.

While gaming laptops have some advantages, they also have some disadvantages, such as weak batteries. A gaming laptop’s battery drains so quickly for many reasons, including:

  • Playing games with high hardware demands
  • Firmware that has been corrupted
  • Background processes are numerous
  • Display brightness is set too high
  • Too much heat is generated by the battery
  • Incorrect settings on the system

When you buy a new or used gaming laptop, you should keep in mind that the battery rarely lasts longer than 2-3 hours when playing games.

Why Do Gaming Laptop Batteries Drain Fast

If you run a hardware-demanding game on a gaming laptop that is more expensive, the battery drains quickly as well.

Laptop components can affect how long the battery lasts before you need to plug it in for recharging. A more powerful computer allows you to play more games, but it also consumes more electricity.

How To Fix A Laptop Batteries That Dies Fast

The following steps will improve the battery’s lifespan if your laptop’s battery drains quite quickly when you play games, browse the web, or watch videos:

  • Change Brightness Settings: It will consume more energy per minute if you set the monitor’s brightness higher. It is possible to save a few percentages on the battery every hour by reducing the brightness a bit.
  • Keep The Battery Cool: The entire system, including the battery, heats up when you play games or do other heavy tasks on your laptop. Battery efficiency decreases as it becomes hotter.
  • Change The Systems Settings: The easiest way to reduce your laptop’s energy consumption is to change its performance settings. There are three types of energy plans offered by Windows: balanced, power-saving, and performance. 
  • Close Background Processes: In most cases, closing an application by clicking the X does not shut it down. It is possible to reduce energy consumption by opening the Task Manager and shutting down unused programs.
  • Keep The System Up-To-Date: Energy consumption can be optimized by installing the latest updates, but the results are usually small. It is recommended to combine this step with others.
  • Optimize Game Settings: Reducing the graphic settings in games such as Cyberpunk 2077, Call of Duty, or Battlefield can greatly reduce energy consumption. If you play on lower settings, you can play twice as long as if you play on high settings.
  • Eject Inserted Discs: If you transfer a lot of data, running disc drives can cause increased power consumption. You can save a few percentages on your battery by ejecting the disc drive.
  • Disable Keyboard Backlight: The backlighting on keyboards of many modern gaming laptops increases visibility, and they also look cool. However, those backlights can drain the battery much faster. Be sure to turn them off when on a trip to save battery life.
  • Deactivate Bluetooth & WiFi: Deactivating Bluetooth and WiFi when you don’t need them can reduce energy usage quite a bit.

By following these steps, you can extend the life of your laptop battery. Completing all of them will yield the best results.

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The battery can last longer when game settings are optimized, background processes are closed, and the battery is kept cool.

Should I Remove My Laptop Battery While Playing Games?

Gaming laptop batteries tend to heat up a lot while gaming, reducing their efficiency. Does it make sense to remove the battery while gaming, or should it be left in place?

When the battery is full, unplugging the laptop from the charger is generally recommended, as it can reduce the battery’s life cycle and cause irreparable damage.

You can remove it from the battery of the laptop to prevent damage. Only the charger will provide electricity to the laptop.

While gaming, you can charge the battery by inserting it into the laptop without damaging it. If you want to continue gaming, remove it from the system if it is fully charged.

What Kills Laptop Battery Life?

The battery capacity of a laptop tends to decrease over time. Battery life can also be damaged if repeated things are done, such as:

  • Battery should not be fully discharged
  • Don’t leave your laptop running all the time
  • Make sure the laptop is not plugged in 24/7. Plug it in only when it needs to be charged
  • Keep your laptop charged but not fully charged. Every now and then, the battery needs to be emptied
  • High battery temperatures should be avoided

If you have separate batteries for your gaming laptop, make sure you store them properly so they won’t lose capacity.

It is recommended that lithium-based batteries be stored at 40-50% charge at 0°C, according to BatteryUniversity’s article.

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