How To Zoom-In Your Laptop

It can be described as the act of magnifying something by zooming in. When an object appears to the eye as though it is very large, larger than its original size, it has been zoomed in.

In the meantime, zooming out simply increases the field of view and reduces the size of the objects on the screen.

How To Zoom-In Your Laptop

A smaller size will also be used as the reference point.

You can zoom in or out on any screen that can be viewed.

Zooming in images is arguably one of the more popular camera functions. We all know how to zoom in cameras. Increasing the size of the graphics on screen implies zooming in on them.

 A magnification process is involved. By zooming in, the scene in focus gets smaller while the reference point becomes more prominent.

Ways To Zoom-In Your Laptop

  • Zoom-in and zoom-out on Windows 7, 8 and 10
  • by using the magnifying glass
  • keyboard shortcut
  • you can zoom in and out on your Mac
  • when using Chrome or Firefox

Zooming In And Out On PC

On laptops and PCs, you can zoom-in and zoom-out.

This will distort the field of view of the laptop or PC window. The reference point will appear more prominently.

Zooming in on the PC will allow objects, fonts, and web pages on the window to appear in a more detailed manner.

Images and the writeup are not as clear again when the windows are zoomed in. Instead, they will appear blurry.

When you zoom out, the enlarged on-screen images and fonts return to their original size. Zoom-ins and zoom-outs are done by giving specific percentages, like 100%, 200%, etc.

The field view will be reduced by 100% and the size of the focused image or font will be increased by 100% when a window is zoomed in 100%.

A zoomed-in view will change the size of the focused point as well as the field view. In both cases, zooming in increases blurring.

Zoom-In And Zoom-Out On Windows 7, 8 & 10

The following sections will describe the ways in which you can zoom in or out on a Windows 7, 8, or 10 PC.

By Using The Magnifier Tool

Windows 7, 8 & 10 feature an inbuilt magnifier tool that lets you zoom in or out.

The tool can be used on all the applications on the computer, on the web pages, and even on the desktop. Using the magnifier tool is very simple.

From the start menu, locate it. You’ll find it under settings.

A + sign button and a – sign button are on the tool when it is opened. Tapping the + sign button zooms the screen in by 100%. The process is repeated twice for a 200% zoom in.

With the – sign button pressed, the PC window zooms out and the field view is increased by 100%. There is a setting button on the zoom tool that you can press to choose the zoomed percentage directly.

By Using The Keyboard To Zoom-In Or Zoom-Out

The method described here is faster.

You can zoom in or out of your Windows 7, 8 & 10 PC by simply pressing two keys on your keyboard instead of visiting your start menu.

The zoom-in can be accomplished with this method by holding down the “windows key” while pressing the + sign. With this option, the magnifier will be activated and the windows screen objects will be zoomed-in by 100%. The zoom-in is doubled by repeating this step.

Using the keyboard, hold down the “windows key” while pressing the – sign key. When zooming-in on Windows 7, 8 & 10 you can hold down CTRL and the + sign, while zooming-out involves holding down CTRL and the – sign.

The only downside to this shortcut is that some web browsers cannot use it. When in this type of situation, simply revert to the “windows key” and use the “plus sign” key shortcut.

In the classroom, I zoom my laptop most often. Sometimes, I do not have access to a charger, so I charge my laptop with a USB cable.

Zoom-In And Out On Mac

As well as on PCs, Mac computers support zooming in and out.

One can choose to zoom the whole window, a particular image, or a font on the Mac OS PC.

1. You can activate the keyboard shortcut for zooming-in and out by simply pressing the Apple logo and navigating to the zoom option via the accessibility tab of the system preferences.

2. You will then find a box where you can choose whether to check the box.

2. Check the box to activate keyboard shortcuts. Don’t check the box if you wish to use the trackpad to zoom. 

3. The zoom style can then be selected.

In order to zoom in and out the entire screen, choose “full screen” under the “zoom style” option.

Under Zoom Style, choose “picture-in-picture” if you wish to zoom in or out the focus point, i.e. where your mouse pointer is located. Alternatively, you can activate zoom options by holding down the “command key” and the F5 key. After successfully activating the zoom option, you can zoom in or out of the window.

In order to zoom in, hold down the “command” key and the “+” sign key at the same time.

The “command” key & the “-” sign key can be pressed together to zoom out.

When you choose the full-screen zoom option, the screen will zoom in and out, and if you choose picture-in-picture, the picture will enlarge. You can zoom using the trackpad by simply scrolling up and down using the modifier key you choose. You can zoom in and out by scrolling up and down.

Zooming-In On Chrome And Firefox

Most of the time, we need to zoom in on our web pages. Accordingly, Web pages in our browsers, such as Chrome and Firefox, can be zoomed-in or out using the shortcut keys described above. By selecting a few options on the window, you can zoom in or zoom out on web pages in our browser. In addition, you can select whether to zoom only images or only text.

How To Zoom-In Web Page On Chrome

The three dots at the top right corner of the chrome browser web page can be clicked to zoom in or zoom out the current page.

Select the zoom-in or zoom-out option on the screen. When you click the three dots, navigate and click “settings” if you wish to increase the text size without changing image size. You can change the font size from the “appearance” option.

Choose the size of the font by clicking on the down arrow next to it.

After zooming in the webpage, you can make the laptop louder to use the speaker along with the screen.

How To Zoom-In Web Page On Firefox

Click the menu button in the top right corner to zoom in or out of the current webpage on Chrome browser.

Zoom is available in the drop-down menu. Press “Alt” and “+” to zoom in or zoom out. Click the “+” and “+” signs to zoom in or zoom out. Select “View” from the popped-up menu. Under the “zoom” option, select “zoom only”.

The font size cannot be changed on some websites. Therefore, the option of zooming only fonts may not work for all websites.

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Zooming your laptop screen is easy if you follow these instructions.

If none of the above options work, you can try troubleshooting your system or resetting your laptop. It is the last option to use if all other methods have failed.

On our browser web pages, we can zoom in or out for a more detailed view of images.

Our web pages can be zoomed in or out using the different methods highlighted.

Whether you are using a Mac or a Windows PC, the keyboard shortcut method is the fastest and easiest to use.

What is the best way to zoom in on your laptop? Feel free to comment.

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