How To Use Laptop As Monitor

The only video-in port on laptops is the video-out port. Due to this, you will not be able to use your laptop as a monitor for your desktop computer.

The laptop’s video ports are all for output only.

The laptop can only be used as a desktop monitor if you connect to it remotely. Remote connections allow you to control and view actions on one computer from another.

How To Use Laptop As Monitor

By using specialized software, it is possible to make a successful remote connection.

You can use the laptop as a second monitor. A second monitor on your laptop is indeed a very impressive addition to any setup.

With it, you can create a more versatile visual setup.

On the computer, this is the simple “projection-to-this-PC” command. However, this works only if both computers are switched on. It will extend the main computer’s screen.

Essentially, the screen of the second monitor is a duplicate of the screen of the main computer.

Step By Step Method To Use Your Laptop As A Second Monitor​

  • Go to your laptop’s settings and choose “Projecting to this PC” from the “system settings” menu.
  • Choose your preferred security and accessibility settings. “Everywhere” should be available, and users should be able to choose whether to allow connections every time.
  • The “projecting-to-this-PC” command should also include the pin requirements. The pin can be requested or not.
  • The computer should be booted.
  • Press “P” while holding the Windows key.
  • Click “Connect to a wireless display” in the drop-down menu. A search will begin for available displays on the secondary monitor on the main PC. It is part of Windows 10.

It is not a fast method of connection! Many applications take a long time to respond. Currently, this screen-mirror function is only available on Windows 10 laptops. Your laptop can also be set up as a monitor through the wireless connection.

The connection is purely remote. In Windows 10 there is a built-in remote desktop tool. By using this tool, the primary laptop can be operated from a secondary laptop. The tools must be installed on both laptops in order for them to function.

Dual monitor stands may be necessary if you use two laptops as monitors simultaneously.

Why You Need To Use A Laptop As A Monitor

A computer system’s visual display unit (monitor) is largely responsible for displaying the information stored within the computer.

In many ways, the screen plays an important role.

Without the screen, typing with the keyboard is like doing nothing. Completely useless! As if you were working in the dark!

When a desktop computer monitor is damaged, the system can become unusable.

The monitor must be replaced to undo this.

Occasionally, a second monitor may also be needed.

Your job performance can be boosted in many ways with a second monitor. The extra view can increase your productivity. It may also be necessary to use a laptop as a monitor for the computer system.

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A spoiled or broken desktop monitor may lead to this need.

You can connect an old laptop to your desktop as a monitor. It can be done.

Do you use a laptop as a monitor? Let me know in the comments section.

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