How To Turn On Laptop Without Power Button

As soon as the power button is pressed, the laptop and other gadgets start working. It is important to consider the situation where the power button is not working.

Imagine using your OS for a very important task and you discover that the power button has stopped working.

How To Turn On Laptop Without Power Button

The situation can be very frustrating.

Other methods of turning on a PC without a power button are therefore needed.

Several modern motherboards include Ethernet controllers that make it possible to turn on a computer remotely.

The wake-on-LAN method is one of these ways. From this post, learn about the Wake-On-Lan Method and the Internet Method for remotely turning on a computer. 

With Wake-on-LAN, computers on the same local area network can be turned on via another computer on the same network.

Remotely, this process is carried out.

How To Switch On The PC With The Keyboard

A keyboard is one of the PC peripherals that can be used to turn on the laptop.

In most laptops, you simply press the power button to turn it on.

Many laptops don’t work with their keyboard power buttons.

If this is observed, the BIOS has been configured to disable the feature. It is therefore necessary to activate the “keyboard power-on feature” in the BIOS.

A power key on the keyboard is all that is needed to switch the PC on once it has been activated. First, access the BIOS settings.

The system setup can be found here.

Specialized keys are available for this, though the manufacturer determines which ones.

  • To determine how to access your BIOS settings, read your laptop’s manual.
  • From the “power management settings,” select “keyboard power-on.”
  • You can then specify which keys will be used for this feature.

Simply press that key on your keyboard next time you want to turn on your laptop.

How To Turn On MAC Without Power Button

Mac computers can also be switched on without pressing the power button, just like Windows.

The process is carried out remotely via the local wireless network and the internet.

As usual, the host PC must be controlled by another PC, phone, iPad, etc.

Macs are equipped with a virtual network computing (VNC) function. It is also known as screen sharing.

  • The process is very straightforward, but the screen sharing needs to be enabled in the PC. Screen sharing is usually disabled by default.
  • Firstly, you need to enable the Mac screen sharing feature on both laptops.
  • After that, a server connection will be established.
  • The remote computer can be used to control the host computer if it is turned off.
  • If the host computer is turned off, the screen of the remote computer will display it.
  • Navigate it as though it were actually a button you were pressing. It allows you to turn off or on the host computer.

SSH can also be used to enable remote login. By default, this feature is off. Go into the system preferences and enable it.

As well as your PC IP address, you must also note the IP address of the remote computer. If your Mac is on the same network as the remote Mac computer, you can log in and access your Mac from there.

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The host computer will automatically be switched on after a successful login by issuing the “Sudo shutdown -r now” command. The most popular way to turn on a computer is via a remote connection. Neither Windows nor Mac computers need a remote connection.

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