How To Charge Laptop without Charger (Easy and Effective Method)

Laptop chargers are very important laptop peripherals. Without a charger, there are only a few options for charging a laptop.

They include:-

  1. Charge laptop with USB
  2. Charge laptop using phone
  3. Charge laptop battery externally
  4. Charge laptop in a car (using cigarette lighter + inverter)
  5. Charge a laptop with another laptop (Is it possible?)
How To Charge Laptop without Charger (4 Ways)

How To Charge Laptops With USB

Laptop chargers are among the most important laptop accessories. Laptops are powered by the power source attached to the charger.

However, with the advancement in technology, new ways are needed to charge laptops other than charging adapters. An emerging method is to charge the laptop using its USB port. A power bank can be used to charge the phone.

Laptops, on the other hand, have a large number of ports, and most of these ports cannot be used to charge devices. Ports like these are used to give power to other devices, such as mobile phones, or to transfer data between devices.

In recent years, Type B and Type C USB ports have been introduced to laptops, allowing charging through a USB cable. The power banks are used to supply power to laptops via USB-Type C. A power bank should be able to supply the required power for today’s laptops between 60W and 100W at a 20V voltage supply.

Unless the power bank has a higher rated voltage than the laptop, it won’t work. A Type-C USB charger’s rated voltage is also very important.

Connecting C-Type USB and HDMI cables to charge laptops via HDMI requires an adapter. Cell phones also have Type-C ports.

Our laptop can be charged by connecting the C-type port of the mobile phone to the laptop’s C-type port. In critical situations, the power supply can be useful, even though it isn’t high.

Make sure your laptop has at least one type-C port so that you won’t be bothered by your lost charger when you’re traveling. USB-C is evidently going to remain a standard in the future with the interest in USB4.

How To Charge Laptop Battery Externally?

Laptop batteries are considered by computer users to be the backbone of their devices. Documents can be checked, edited, and many other tasks can be performed on the fly. Despite these advantages, there are also challenges. Charging a laptop is one of them.

You will not be able to recharge your laptop battery if you run out of power. You can run out of power for a variety of reasons. Sometimes the Power port of a laptop can be damaged or detached from the power supply.

Multiplying the batteries is one solution for the user, but it’s not always possible. There is therefore a need for a second charging method. External charging is another option. External charging can be accomplished in three different ways.

To manually charge your laptop battery, first check if it has an AC adapter. If it does, attach the charger directly to the adapter port.

A second method is to purchase an external battery charger compatible with your laptop model. This is because different models of batteries have different specifications. You should always check the specifications of external chargers.

The third method is to buy an extra battery that is compatible with your laptop. Check if the battery has a port for the AC adapter before purchasing. While the old battery runs out of power, you can use the backup battery while it recharges externally.

Replace your old battery with one that is externally charged once it is out of charge. Another option is to carry two laptops and keep charging them one at a time while you use a charged laptop, but if you don’t have a power source, power banks can help.

When using power banks, you need to take into account the specifications of your laptop battery and the AC adaptor option.

Therefore, you should select the one that matches the specifications of your laptop.

I have written a post on how to check a laptop’s specs in Windows 10 if you don’t know how to do it. A Spare battery can be charged without needing to turn off the laptop.

How To Charge A Laptop Using Phone

It is highly irritating to lose charge on your phone battery, but now we have power banks that do their job well because of advanced technologies. It’s more frustrating when you’re working on a project and the laptop battery is about to die. You might not be at home and have forgotten to charge the laptop.

Our laptops are capable of charging our phones. Can we reverse the process? Is it possible to charge our phones from our laptops? Yes, that is possible, but it more often than not requires a C-type charger because that is the latest port available.

You need a laptop with a C-type USB port and a USB-C charging port. The third item you will need is a type- C to type- C USB cable. The cords, as their name suggests, have both USB type-C outputs.

Start by connecting one port of the USB to the laptop and the other to your phone. A menu will appear like when your phone is plugged in for charging. You can then select ‘supply power to other connected devices’ to charge your laptop.

The phone may soon run out of battery if it draws so much power from the laptop. Laptops require significantly more power than phones. It is also not recommended to use this method as laptops and phones have different battery types, lives, and charging capabilities.

In this method of charging, the battery of one device or another will be destroyed or the USB will be damaged. There is a possibility of permanent damage or the battery draining out faster as a result. A good USB cable, especially type C, is expensive and can be permanently damaged.

In situations when you need just a little power to finish a task on your laptop, your phone can be your last hope.

The aforementioned alternatives to traditional laptop chargers should be made available for charging laptops.

Indeed, it can make your day better and save you from stress.

Have you ever tried to charge a laptop without a charger? Comment below.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

With HDMI, You Can Charge Your Laptop

Neither HDMI nor Display Port is compatible with charging laptops.


Today, A Working Laptop Is One Of The Most Essential Items In Our Lives. We Start To Worry When Our Laptop Stops Working, Believing That Parts Of Our Lives Have Stopped.

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 Throughout this article, we’ve discussed laptop charger issues and how to replace or repair damaged chargers.  The laptop’s power cable plays an important role in its operation. Handling it carefully will prevent battery damage.

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