Best MacBook For Video Editing In 2022 | Expert Review

Is the MacBook Pro the best laptop for video editing work?

A MacBook is an excellent choice for video editors of all levels, whether they are professionals or hobbyists. Today, MacBooks are some of the best options available for video editors, with powerful performance and high-fidelity displays. 

The MacBook isn’t the only Apple computer that offers the power and quality video editors needed. For video editors looking for a desktop solution, iMacs and Mac Minis can be great options.

Video editing is a highly intensive process, so if your computer isn’t powerful enough, your video editing software will stutter and crash frequently.

The screen needs to be able to display high-resolution footage, like 4K or greater, if you’re working with high-resolution footage. 

Best MacBook Pro For Video Editing in 2022

MacBook Pro 13-inch (M2, 2022): Best For Casual Video Editing


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This is the first MacBook Pro powered by the M2 architecture to hit the market. There have been no changes to the design, but Apple promises a big leap in performance, whether you’re editing photos, and videos, or running multiple applications at once.

There are arguably several features that make this laptop worth the premium, including an active cooling system, 10-GPU cores as standard and long battery life. M2 might not be as powerful as M1 Pro or M1 Max, but it’s still much more powerful than M1. Apple has never produced a more powerful 13-inch MacBook Pro base model than this.

Pros and cons of using MacBook Pro 13-inch

New MacBook Air 2022: Best Budget Video Editing Macbook

Apple’s iconic laptop is getting some of its biggest changes in years with the new MacBook Air 2022. There are a number of welcome upgrades, including a smaller and lighter design (in addition to new colors), a powerful M2 chip, and an upgraded display. There is no doubt that the new Air will make our list of the best laptops.

Apple’s new M2 chip is one of the first features on the MacBook Air 2022. An 8-core CPU offers up to 18% faster performance, and a 10-core GPU yields 35% faster graphics performance, although the entry-level model is equipped with an 8-core GPU.

With the Air, you can edit complex timelines 40% faster in Final Cut and apply filters 20% faster in Photoshop.

Pros and cons of using New MacBook Air

Apple MacBook Pro – 14 inches – 16 GB RAM: Best for Amateur Video Editing

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You need power and a modern flair without the expense of a professional setup, whether you’re a student or a budding short-film director.

Content creators can also use it because of its wide color gamut. This laptop has a comfortable keyboard, a large, responsive haptic touchpad, and an excellent webcam. 

An Apple-made M1 or M1 Max chip powers this 14-inch MacBook with Apple’s latest touch bar and touch ID technology.

Pros and cons of using Apple MacBook Pro – 14 inches

Apple MacBook Pro – 16 inches – 16 GB RAM: Best for Professional Video Editing

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Designed for precision, this MacBook Pro model is a truly top-of-the-line machine. With its powerful graphics card UHD Graphics 630, the 8-core i9 processor can easily handle whatever you throw at it. A 16-inch screen offers slightly more space than 13-inch screen models.

While I’ve been pushing the 16-inch MacBook Pro hard, it hasn’t overheated; it hasn’t sacrificed battery life; the keyboard is much more reliable. In exchange for all that, you have to accept a thicker, heavier notebook. 

Pros and cons of using Apple MacBook Pro – 16 inches

Buying Guide: Best MacBook for Video Editing


If you want to render anything other than casual home videos or Youtube vlogs, you’ll need a dedicated graphics card. While an integrated graphics card may be fine for lower-level work, a dedicated one is essential.

Utilizing dedicated graphics allows your computer to make use of RAM (Random Access Memory) specifically for the high-quality visuals you will be rendered.


As you build your video, your processor will handle every detail, so you’ll want to check out the latest generations of the Apple M1 chip and the Intel Core i7. You will benefit from using multiple threads when creating your video project, since video software can use multiple threads as well.


RAM is the final component that will determine the performance of your MacBook while editing video. If you’re editing professionally, you’ll need at least 16GB, and if you’re an amateur, you’ll need at least 8GB.

Is MacBook Pro Good for Video Editing

The question here isn’t whether a Mac is good for video editing, but how much power you need.

You won’t have to deal with extensive renders or screen restates if you just plan on doing minor work for YouTube, so you don’t need specs meant for something ten times as processing-intensive.

It’s definitely time to upgrade your machine if you’re going to do digital animation or work in 4K.

In general, this article should not be treated as a list of the best MacBooks for editing videos.

You can’t assume that the best computer for editing is the same as the best computer for gaming, for example. For intensive computer work, you will need different specs.

Macbook vs PC for Video Editing

The debate between Macs and PCs has been going on for centuries. There are people who prefer Macs, others who prefer PCs, and yet another group who likes them all. Depending on your preferences, either system is good for regular computer work. How about video editing?

PCs and Macs both offer unique advantages for video editors. Here’s the big question: which one should you choose?

Ultimately, it comes down to what you need and what you prefer. A PC might be the best choice for you, if you:

  • You have a limited budget
  • You need a machine that can be customized
  • For a video production team, you need more than one computer
  • You need to use different types of software
  • SD cards are among the types of hardware you need to connect

A Mac might be best for you, if:

  • You only want to use Final Cut Pro and Adobe software
  • You have other Apple devices you want to connect to the computer
  • Macs are familiar to you, and you are comfortable using them
  • A high level of user-friendliness is important to you
  • Your ideal work machine is sleek, stylish, and easy to use

Other reasons might influence your decision to edit videos on a Mac or PC. Choose what works best for you based on the pros listed above.


The video editing process consumes a great deal of RAM and CPU power like no other. Fortunately, a MacBook Pro was made to stand up to these things and is sure to perform if you choose an appropriate model.

When it comes to editing videos, what setup do you currently use? Let us know and share which specs you think are most important for productive work.

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